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With the family buddies. Still got a hangover ‘til now, woop.
-Baguio City, Asin Rd.

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This was so unexpected. Mom woke me up from bed, then she told me to get dressed up if I want to go to the mall with them. As I went outside the room everyone in the house we’re half dressed up. I was in a slight bad mood, was thinking twice if could make it or not but I really want to come because of a week-straight-stuck-in-the-house is kinda depressing. So I pushed myself, hurriedly took a bath, grabbed and wore clothes randomly what’s on top, ran and wore my shoes inside the car. I stare mostly on the window, because of waking up that quick and not  having your daily morning summer routine, it was kinda unusual. At the mall, I was so freaking happy like I went out in house stuck for a week woooh feels great. Mom bought a gift for my aunt which it is her 50th birthday today, a two pair of sneakers for my brother. As we went down along the escalator to the parking, we stop by in a shoe store which I pointed a good slipper that suits for my brother (its not in the picture), mom bought it then I grabbed a sneaker which I have no plans on having one but mom approaches me, “you want that? Hati tayo”, Hati in a way that I don’t owe the shoes for myself but for the both of us. Epic, she bought it not just one pair but an another pair. It was a huge blessing for me having a new pair of kicks again, it been a year since I really have my own shoe. Grateful that I woke up even tho I’m in a bad mood, thankful that I went along and spend the day with my family, woop woop. In people, by first looking on their clothes, I always first look on their shoes/footwear, which I admire the most.
Pasensya napaka-haba, medjo walang magawa at napakwento. Teehee. 
Chocolate (Cover) by Perky Artist on SoundCloud   

Woooh. Pardon my ugleh voice, I’m really really really bad in singing. Read the lyrics on my phone while covering so I got a lot of mistakes. Got inspired on Matt Haley’s acoustic version of it. Huehuehuehue.

Can’t sleep, had a bad feeling after leaving the party at my cousin’s house. Had an argument with my dad, about my school, what if’s and could been’s, its like I didn’t end my day right. I just hate when dad is being so judgmental and his anger is leaning towards me for no reason. I get upset and not listen to the words he says because when I do, I feel pain and anger deep inside. I was trying to control it and ended the conversation by just leaving myself infront of him, because I know for myself I’m silently sensitive, especially when dad is bringing up the past happenings in our family and his repetitive opinions. I hate reminiscing it and cry it over at night just like before and ‘til now at times. I just want to be happy, forget the past and start moving on. But I got stuck at times, because some small words hardly hits me and I just keep silent and let it all inside me until I overflow let it cry at bed, or sometimes I forget these things by just hanging around with my buddies and colleagues and let the fun flow, but it doesn’t last that long.

I should not be at home by now, Its my best friend’s party tonight, saw the place it was dope and stoked to drink some tipsy drinks and to have a extraordinary hangout with them, it was my first plan going than my cousin’s graduation party. But yeah, I have no choice but family first.

"I get so distracted
By some peoples reactions
That I don’t see my own faults
For what they are
At times so self destructive
With no intent or motive
But behind this emotion,
There lies a sensible heart
A sensible heart”